Don’t call me G!

They really should have tried harder. The ubiquitous Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie, hosts of the Telegraph Cycling Podcast, have let us all down. They interviewed Geraint Thomas (Welsh racer bloke) in a fairly quiet, acoustically-suitable room without interruption, or even Lionel’s trademark heavy-breathing too close to the mic. No washing up, no DIY, just a professional sit-down with one of Britain’s most popular riders.

And it was moderately interesting stuff, if you like this sort of thing. Personally, I find rider interviews pretty dull because, apart from Cav, all the riders these days are media-friendly, sound-bite-enabled, squeaky-clean (heh!) sportspeople who are super grateful to their team, super happy to be riding super full-gas in this super beautiful country with its super-enthusiastic fans (where am I, again?). I love Cav, especially when he’s a bit pissy, because he looks like he might, at any moment, just shove the journalist’s dictafone up his arse (the journalist’s arse, not Cav’s…that would just be wrong).

So G (who doesn’t like being called G except by his friends) plugs his book “The World of Cycling According to G” (don’t call him G!), and burbles on for 45 minutes or so about…um…stuff. Racing, mostly. And Team Sky. He seems like a thoroughly nice bloke, and Richard and Lionel clearly like him (probably hoping to ghost his next book), but 20 minutes would probably have done it. After 35 minutes my mind is wandering and I’m really hoping that a Mariachi band will burst in and give a rousing rendition of Hymns and Arias, Mariachi-style, while G (stop calling him G!) recites Under Milkwood in Welsh. Sadly, they didn’t. My advice, when you get bored, fast-forward to 44′ 40″ for the quick questions.


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