We demand better freebies!

Just a quick one today because I have pressing business in the Frozen North and can’t spend all my time doing this shite.

A quick glance at Twitter (I’m @TranquilloTommy, if you’re interested) yesterday had me chuckling. First we had this:

sport 1.jpg

And then we had this:

sport 2.jpg

There were 40 journalists invited to the Sky press jolly in Mallorca, so check eBay over the next few days for the latest Team Sky kit going cheap. But at least all that expensive PR got the message out — Chris Froome shares Sky’s values, and Dave Brailsford has chopped in his Jaaaaaag for a Mondeo.

And yes, I know…the formatting of this page makes it look uglier than a hatful of monkey’s arseholes, especially with short posts. But I’m old and useless and can’t be arsed to try and fix it.


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