The racing’s back!

Another quickie today, I’m afraid….I stayed up all night watching the Tour Down Under live on telly, and now I’m a bit tired. No, don’t thank me…I’m just doing my job.

In fact, don’t thank me anyway, because I didn’t stay up all night watching the TDU on account of it generally being a bit crap. So I recorded it and watched it on fast-forward at x12 speed over breakfast. This is the perfect way to watch pro cycling on the telly…you stop for the crashes and the mechanicals, you don’t have to suffer the ad breaks, and you don’t have to listen to Phil&Paul talking shite about the vineyards of the Barbarossa Valley (or wherever). On a sprint stage you can resume watching with 3km to go, on a mountain stage you might want to resume watching on the final climb (or the last 500m of the final climb).

In social media news, some idiot broke Twitter today and the entire pro peloton will now have to have counselling. But, before it broke, it did give us these:


Followed by this:


Which made me laugh. And then this:


WTF??? What are the Velominati going to do? I can almost imagine Frank Strack’s head exploding right this minute as he sees a WORLD CHAMPION with unshaved legs. What about The Rules? Next thing you know he’ll be wearing his sunglasses UNDER his helmet straps, and the whole world will go to hell in a handcart. Cookson…do something!

Finally, we got this. Just before the podium ceremony at the TDU they dressed a small child in cycling kit and had him kissed by two podium girls. Bless.


PS: Dear god, this page is a hideous mess! Sorry

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