Just a quickie

Sorry people…work is getting in the way of bloggery, so I’ll just leave you with some stills from GCN’s latest plug for their sponsors. I have to say that from a GCN point of view, the timing of this is not great. Even the bike press has finally woken up to the fact that Canyon can’t deliver anything when they say they will, or else they just randomly cancel your order.

Canyon are blaming a change to a new factory, or new IT system, or their hamster ate their homework, or some such cobblers. The fact is that Canyon have had problems for years; it just seems to be even worse at the moment. So GCN putting out PR puff piece on Canyon is not going to endear them to a lot of people.

canyon 2.jpg

However, one of my spies has scooped up some footage from the cutting-room floor and I am delighted to be able to tell you that I’ve tracked down your bike.

canyon 3.jpg

Oh wait. No, that’s not it.

canyon 5.jpg

No, that’s not it, either. Hold on…

canyon 4.jpg

Nope, not there either.

canyon 6.jpg

Back tomorrow with thoughts on Issue 60 of Rouleur.




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